17 12 2008

I use to love snow when I was a kid. The heavier it was, the prettier it got….until I started driving. lol

Nowadays, I groan whenever I see snow knowing that I have to be somewhere the next day. I suppose it’s not that I HATE snow. I think I hate being IN snow. If I’m not going anywhere, they can pile it up all they want!

I’m told we’re expecting about a foot of snow. Not a lot, really….but I’m not looking forward to having to dig out my car that’s parked about a good block and a half away….I’ll have to lug that shovel with me down the block and back….hahahaha

I don’t know what I’m feeling anymore. Perhaps some sleep would rectify that problem…


This Saturday…

17 12 2008

I wanted a small gathering for my birthday, but I gotta be honest, this is a little disappointing. I just found out that Denise actually has a gig that she has to do at the Irish Club…so that’s another down from the few people that I would like at my party who can’t make it.

Rob & Genny are going out of town for the weekend so there’s another two down. I guess that’s what happen when you have your birthday at this time of year….When it was in University, it was exam periods….and now it’s family Christmases and what not.

Ah well, what can you do. I actually toyed with the idea of inviting everyone I know on Facebook to come…but I figured it’d be one of those where you’re not expecting ANY of them to come…then they’ll all show up at your doorstep or something. hahaha

Looks like maybe I SHOULD’VE invited people en masse. haha

Weirdest doggie-bag EVER.

16 12 2008

This is a review I decided to write after a rather odd event occurred……

“I have been to The Queen’s Pasta Café twice and the food was excellent the both times We’ve been there. The staff were exceptional and extremely friendly.

Whoda thunk something this weird would happen, though? I couldn’t finish my main course so I had it packed up to go. The dish had lobster tail and scallops and shrimps. I made a point of leaving a scallop and a chunk of lobster tail to be packed up. To my amazement the next day, I opened up the box and all the seafood is gone!

I called to let the manager know of what has happened and he offered a free meal the next time I go. I just have to ask for Matt or Louis…..(*not part of the review – I honestly don’t know if they’ll even recognize that offer… also seems a bit ludicrous. I’m sure they’ll pass this story onto the staff and we’d be blacklisted or something. hahahahaha Or get a ‘special’ topping to everything we order there)

Will I take up the offer? I’ll have to think about that one.”


16 12 2008

I miss TV. Sorta, but not really.

Right now, we have no cable/satellite….we get signals for about 7 stations, 2 of them are French and one of them is the Christian Network.

We by no means watch TV nowadays. We usually watch shows on DVD…which is what the TV has been used for, mainly.

However, at times, I find myself watching regular TV. I don’t know what it is…because I can honestly say that there is nothing of interest for me out there in the few channels that we do get. Who the fuck wants to watch E! Top 10 Count Down of Some Disgustingly Rich Celebs with No Talent?

Well, me apparently. Cause there I’d sit, watching this absolute tripe. I have millions of shows and movies on DVD, yet regular TV just keeps drawing me back. I think it’s the fact that I sorta have no control over what’s being shown to me is the weird appeal.

Or perhaps I’m just a big psycho. lol

I think I’ll just end everything I say with that phrase from now on…..hahaha


16 12 2008
My birthday present from Ryan

My birthday present from Ryan

I think today was one of the blah-est birthday I’ve had thus far.

Were there any reason I was blah? Not really. Just felt it for some reason.

Went out to get some bunny litter with Rob and that was about it for the rest of the day. I just holed myself up with some 90’s chinese flick and checked to see if anyone msg’d me on Facebook. I now know yet another person who shares my birthday….so that racks it up to a grand total of 4. hahaha

Ryan got home a bit late and we headed out for dinner at the Queen’s Pasta Café at around 8….before that, however, I wanted to pop into Chapters for a bit. To buy Leanne’s Christmas present as well as a little something for myself…..I ended up getting the latest issue of EMPIRE Magazine that had the new Star Trek dudes on the cover…go fig, eh? As for Leanne, we picked up a copy of TWILIGHT for her.

We were met with a greeter when we went in and I asked, “So, where do you keep….THE Twlights?”

She told us where it was and went up with us to the second level….while going up the escalator, she asks, “So is this for you?”

“No, I like my Anne Rice, thanks.”

“Oh, the story’s WONDERFUL. It just drags a bit.” She replied.

(I shot a look at Ryan…..and he shot the look back. lol)

When we got to the cash, the dude cashing us out rolled his eyes when he saw another copy of TWILIGHT being sold. lol And to tell the truth? I probably would’ve done the same thing. hahahah

The restaurant we went to uses fresh pasta and I really enjoyed it the last time we went. We got set up with a table upstairs where a party of 15 cackling witches were there as well. We could not, for the life of us, hear ANYTHING because of their constant cackling. What a bunch of 八婆s…I’m surprised my ears didn’t have blood gushing out. There was one of them in particular that would like to go ultrasonic. The only moment of peace anybody in the vicinity got was when food arrived…..just for a brief moment, their black hole of a mouth would be stuffed and no noise could come out of it.

I had 2 long island ice-teas, a fennel & tomato soup, a saffron linguine with lobster tail, scallops and shrimps in a roasted red pepper sauce for main course and had their caramel pecan pie for dessert. It was abso-fucking-lutely delicious. Ryan had a ceasar salad to start, and had spaghetti with meatballs for a main…as for dessert, he had a really yummy piece of cheesecake…but I forgot what kind it was. lol

Oh, and our waiter looked like Sylar from the show HEROES….hahahahaha

We came back to the apartment and Ryan got me the Ichijo Hikaru figure that I was eyeing at SilverSnail…hehe

I’m trying to blog this all down before I forget….you know, what with my old age and all….

What IS their function?

15 12 2008

I was watching some late morning television program and they were doing the weather. It got me thinking….Why the fuck, exactly, do we need an on air weatherperson?

They pretend that they’re pointing to the map behind them when we can clearly see that they’re just looking off to the side at their monitor. They make lame jokes and comments about the kind of weather that we’re expecting.

All the work that people spent on the graphics are completely wasted because some git is standing in front of it acting like a total prat.

I would be totally happy if we DIDN’T see them and they just show us the plain map with all the weather patterns/changes/etc.

On-air weather personality…..there’s a contradiction in terms.

In a few days…..

13 12 2008

So I turn 30 on Monday….am I excited? Sorta. Am I blasé? A bit.
Is ambivalent a good word??

I don’t think I’ve really accomplished much in my 29 years on this planet thus far. Although I’m don’t work in a bank. That much I’m thankful for. haha

It has been a hell of a year. I got a job working on a TV show (although I’m still waiting for my IMDB entry…lol) and I actually got to move out of my folks’ before I turned 30…I have to thank Wendy’s mom for that one.

Must be late hours…I really should be getting some sleep right now as today kicks off my birthday week extravaganza…..sorta.

Dinner with Ryan’s folks tonight, more dinner with my folks tomorrow night, going out for yet another dinner Monday with Ryan…uh…Tuesday and Wednesday have yet to be announced (I’ll have to find something to do)….Thursday is GURU’s party, Friday is CUPPA’s party….Saturday is MY party and I think Sunday night is Ryan’s relatives’ party….so yeah. Here we go!