What…..the FLIP.

20 05 2009

I’ve seen a lot of dumb shit on the interweb. But for some reason I’ve managed to avoid the train wreck that is Perez Hilton’s site…blog…or whatever the fuck that is.

That is, until today.

Like I said, I’ve seen a lot of dumb shit online, but this has got to be one of the most asinine ‘celebrity gossip’ site that I’ve ever had the displeasure of laying my eyes upon.

It felt like the site belonged to a mentally retarded 12 year old girl who is inhabiting the body of an idiot.

What’s the appeal? How can THIS make Perez Hilton a celebrity? Has The Simpsons taught us nothing?

“If you stop paying attention to the monsters, they’ll lose their powers.”

Hawt list…Part deux…sorta.

19 05 2009

So last week I posted my guilty-hawt list.

This time around, my not-guilty-hawt list…in no particular order:


Ian Mckellan (as Magneto)


Tahmoh Penikett


Sondre Lerche


Demetri Martin


Ben Browder


Jamie Oliver


Jonathan Rhys Meyers (ONLY from Bend it Like Beckham)


Daryn Jones


Patrick (Make it So!) Stewart


Seann William Scott (Phwoar)

topher grace

Topher Grace

Tom "Superman" Welling

Connor Trinneer

And last (for now, anyway) but definitely not least…


Ryan Phillippe


14 05 2009

It’s odd. I miss having everything in 1 room.

Now I have a bedroom. And an ‘office’…where my computer sits.

I miss not being able to lie in bed and watch stuff on my computer. Ryan refuses to put any visual distraction in the bedroom.

“A bedroom is for sleeping. Not for leaving movies running on all night long.”, he says.

I see his point. But I’d still like the choice to be able to watch stuff/surf in the comfort of bed. lol

Now, if I’m in bed and I want to watch something. I have to haul ass to the other side of the place and sit in a pretty uncomfortable chair to do so.

Just a thought. lol


11 05 2009

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. Don’t ask me why I want to admit to such things…but I figured it’d be kinda funny…well, to me, anyway.

So here we go:
People who I find hawt that I probably shouldn’t…in no particular order:


The middle Jonas and the one on the right...I don't know their names.


Harry "Eyebrows" Potter, Daniel Radcliffe


Tran Effron

Taylor Lautner

Taylor "Jacob Black" Lautner


Rupert "Ron Weasley" Grint


Marc "Family Ties' Skippy" Price


And my most recent hawts,


Robert "Unicorn Hair" Pattinson

Anton Yelchin

Pavel "Anton Yelchin" Chekov

And yes. Chekov. Not the actor, but the character. lol

2 that I totally forgot about….


Skandar "Narnia" Keynes

And definitely not least…


William "King Peter" Moseley

And yet another addition….


Prince "Hot Ginge" Harry