Kiss From a Mag….

6 08 2009

No, not a new SEAL song….A magnet, to be precised.

When you receive a magnet kiss, that is a sign that you’re officially a stop-mo animator.

A Magnet Kiss is when 2 magnet discs slam together so quickly and with such force that your it pinches the skin on your fingers within its gaps.

The only way that I have managed to remove the magnets is to fling the magnets away. The downside to that is that when the magnets go flying, they usually take a good chunk of the pinched skin with it.

Painful as hell, and you feel completely caught off guard and silly when you receive one.

I got one today. I haven’t had one in at least a year. I miss that chunk of skin that’s now sitting on the floor of the studio I was in.


Stormy Weathers…

4 08 2009

So there was some crazyass shit storm today in Ontario….tornado warning, heavy storm warning…I just figured, meh. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Boy, was I wrong. As Ryan and I walked to the car, we passed by a fallen nest. Probably blown down by the gusting winds. 3 dead baby birds lay in its proximity.

It’s odd. Usually things like that don’t affect me very much. But this time around, it seems to be aching at me. Poor bastards, they didn’t even have feathers yet….

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Has the bootleggers finally lost?

4 08 2009

So yesterday Ryan and I finally headed up to Pacific Mall. I haven’t been there for at least half a year and we’ve noticed quite a change in the stores inside.

For one, nobody’s selling English bootleg DVDs anymore. I’ve heard they’ve just been recently raided and I just figured they’d spring back.

But alas, that’s not the case. There was not a drop of English bootlegs to be found anywhere on the premises. And as Ryan noticed, there were policemen patrolling the halls of the mall.

I think I liked it better when P-mall was just a Chinese thing….after all the whities figured out that there were bootlegs to be had, they flocked there. And the vendors, seeing all the whities became bolder with their English movie displays…..and well, that always leads to trouble. haha

Odd, though, because it seems they’re still selling bootleg games. I guess one thing at a time? LOL

I ended up spending about $75 in total. Which is quite a feat. I seem to have reined in my shopping-ness a bit.

The thing that kinda pissed me off was that I saw a LESLIE CHEUNG collection and it had 3 songs that I’ve been looking for FOREVER on it. I couldn’t find a bootleg copy of it so I ended up buying it legit….for $30.

We ended up at another mall about 10 minutes later and guess what? Bootleg copies for $4. lol

Ah well. That’s how shit goes down with me, it seems. What can you do.