12 10 2009

Not my forte, because I’m such a consumer whore. I have gotten a bit better. I tend to fight off the urge to buy something on their first day out.
Having said that, however. I intend to rush out the store and buy DRAKE’S FORTUNE 2 the day it drops. I’ve been waiting for this game to come out since I finished the first one last year/2 years go.

I think that was a really well put together game. The game play was good, the voice acting was good. The mo-cap…well, it’s mo-cap. I was scouring the net for games that had similar game play and the only result I found was GEARS OF WAR.

I seriously considered buying a 360 just so I could play that in the mean time. lol

So this Tuesday, I’m dropping another $70 for the game AND The new Conchords CD……uncharted_2_final_box_art


What AM I going to do with all this stuff???? lol




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