High Spirits: The Review

26 06 2011

Crap Pun Review: High Spirits, Low Expectations.

So Saturday night is now a night for staying in…now that I’m old and poor. 4 of us gathered tonight for some laughs, some pizza and a 1988 comedy called High Spirits.

Directed by Neil Jordan (NEIL JORDAN, for fuck’s sakes!), who has always maintained that the released version of this film is very different from the one he shot because apparently he was excluded from the editing process of the final cut. After seeing the film, I can see his gripe. It wasn’t terrible, but it’s not very good either. Throughout the movie, I kept getting this familiar feeling that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Then as I’m writing this post, it hit me. It gave me the same sort of sensation that I get when I watch Clue or more specifically 80’s movies that were shot in a gigantic set…unfortunately, I found myself laughing more AT the movie than WITH it.

We wondered when this movie came out because it bore some similarities as another 1988 movie that deals with ghosts: Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. It made us wonder if that was a year for ghost-comedies….heh

I also couldn’t stop giggling every time Liam Neeson appeared onscreen because of this site: Liam Neeson’s Cock (Thanks, Kevin Smith!!!)

If you haven’t seen it (and you feel like you HAVE to see this), grab some friends, have some Pepsi, get some pizza and take in the wonder that is Steve Guttenberg’s “acting”!


What I liked:

– it’s made in the 80’s. I have a soft spot for 80’s movies

– Jennifer Tilly (who looked like Tim Curry from Rocky Horror) and Peter O’Toole (always a delight)

– sparkly ghost make-up. Apparently, when you die, you turn sparkly (Maybe Stephanie Meyers is a big High Spirits fan)

– the flying bus being driven by a sparkly Liam Neeson

– the Quantum Leap-esque entry and exit Liam Neeson makes

– Jennifer Tilly hooking up with a Brother. No, not that kind. The kind who’s about to become a priest.

– the worst “crying” I’ve ever seen in a movie

– most of the SFX were pretty cool. (Kudos to the flying bus)

– human/ghost fucking! (Or “skelping”)


What I loathed:

– Beverly D’Angelo’s voice (I was so glad when she went flying out the window to her death)

– Darryl Hannah’s Lucky Charms accent (But it DID make me chuckle every time she opened her gob)

– Steve Guttenberg’s “acting”


What I’m not sure about:

– Beverly D’Angelo hooking up with her ancestor, it turns out

– the general plot and mechanics of the movie


In short: Friends don’t let friends see High Spirits alone.




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