Meta Morphing Power Rangers

15 08 2011

I stumbled upon this video through a YouTube recommendation and felt a bit odd and amused after seeing this.

Here’s why:

It is the opening for the Japanese dub of Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Which for those in the know, is actually based on the Japanese show: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (恐竜戦隊ジュウレンジャー).

Here’s where the meta-ness comes in.

In Power Rangers, they reused clips from the original version and dubbed brand new English dialogue onto it. The recycled clips starred Japanese actress Machiko Soga (曽我 町子) as Witch Bandora (Rita Repulsa in the English version).

When they decided to show Power Rangers in Japan, they had to redub the whole show. They ended up getting Machiko Soga to come in to record Japanese dialogue (presumably) translated from the English version for Rita Repulsa which is actually played by herself, twice removed.

Okay. I’m starting to smell burnt toast. I’d best leave it at that.

We miss you, Machiko Soga, Queen of Tokusatsu!!




Final Destination 5…*Facepalms*

10 08 2011

Final Destination 5 opens in two days. I’ve never been a fan of this franchise, I’ve only ever seen the first one and I have no plans on seeing this one either. The words Final Destination is something that I NEVER would have imagined be placed side by side with the word “franchise”.

I feel ya, Piccolo.

I mean, let’s face it, it’s the same plot over and over and over again. It pretty much feels like the opening of the first Naked Gun, when OJ Simpson stumbles his way off the ship.

Having developed a fear of flying at some point in my life, after seeing the first Final Destination, it cemented that fear forever (which makes me hate the whole “franchise” even more).

I digress. That’s not why I’m here.

The trailer just on the air and one death in particular caught my eye. One of the dude is getting acupuncture, the bed’s leg gives way, he rolls over and (presumably) dies from all the acupuncture needles poking into him.

Oh, I’m sorry. *Spoiler Alert!* Actually, I take that back. Just watch the trailer and you’ll see most of them.

His death wasn’t the thing that got me. I mean, even though the needles they use in acupuncture are unlikely to cause DEATH if you fell on them, that wasn’t what got me bitchin’.  It was the acupuncturist. I think she personifies the term “ching-chong”. Unless that’s actually the Chinese pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

I guess after the giant-ass ship battle, she left her life of piracy to persue something a bit more meaningful. Took a few night courses, invested her ill-gotten doubloons to open up a shop. Good for her. Then this stupid bastard walks into her place and fucks everything up on her. Now she’s going to have to hire a pretty damn good lawyer to beat all the impending lawsuits off. Wait. That came out wrong. *ahem*

Sail on, Ching-chong!

Despite the stupidness, they were smart enough to cast the very delectable Nicholas D'Agosto (left) in it.

Porno Rangers Samurai?

6 08 2011

I was channel surfing just now and caught the last few minutes of Saban’s Power Rangers Samurai and something dawned on me.

Watching Power Rangers is a bit like watching porn. It’s unfortunate you can’t fast-forward live TV because you’re only watching the show so you can get to the good bits: when they morph and get into giant robots to fight monsters.

Their “acting” is on par with porn stars. It’s uncomfortable to watch, awkward and stiff (no pun intended). But hey, I guess it’s something to look at until they cut to the Japanese footage. lol

I love me some giant monsters getting their arses kicked by stuntmen in bright colourful costumes. But I think I’ll stick to fan-subs of the Japanese shows Power Rangers are based on, thank you very much.


Seriously, do they not look like they belong on Sean Cody or Corbin Fisher?

Chinks vs Whities 2: Anita Mui (Feat. Andy Hui) vs Sandra

25 06 2011

I know I should wait for a bit before I post another one of these, but I wanted to do this while it’s still fresh in my mind.

I saw Anita’s video a lot when I was a kid. They use to throw it on in-between Thundercats and the evening news if there’s a gap in the programming. I loved the outfits they wore in the video. Yes, yes, I know the 3 dancers (who happened to be the group “Grasshopper”) look like bellhops and Andy Hui looked like a Japanese highschooler….but I’ve got a thing for suit-jacketesque outfits, okay?

(My Cantonese-to-English is a bit rough, if you think you’ve got a better translation, leave a comment!)

First up, it’s 1986’s “將冰山劈開” by 梅艷芳 (Feat. 許志安) or “Smashing Open the Iceberg” by Anita Mui (Feat. Andy Hui)



1985’s “In the Heat of the Night” by Sandra


Budget size and visually, Sandra’s video wins.

Everything else, Anita all the way!

RIP, Anita. We still miss you! 😦


Chinks vs Whities 1: Grasshopper vs Cover Girls

25 06 2011

Okay. I just re-read this post’s heading and realizes that it makes mad sense. (Mad-mental, not mad-skills) *ahem*

It also kinda sound like a B-movie title….

Anyhoo. I’ve been trolling YouTube and watching old C-Pop videos. (For those of you in the not-know, C-Pop = Canto[nese]-Pop.) And I realize that I keep saying to myself, “Oh my God, that’s actually an English song?” (The wonders of the interwebs.)

I figured it’d be fun to bring some of these songs to light for the non-Canto enlightened crowds out there.

(My Cantonese-to-English is a bit rough, if you think you’ve got a better translation, leave a comment!)

First up, it’s 1992’s “三分鐘放縱” by 草蜢 or “3 Minute Let Loose” by Grasshopper


1987’s “Because of You” by The Cover Girls

I’d put a blurb about who’d be the winner, but I think I’m a bit Canto-biased. I’ll leave that decision to you, readers.

3 Minute Movies: Captain America

24 06 2011

It’s been an odd week for trailers that shows you the entire movie in 3 minutes flat.

First there was the trailer for the Footloose remake, mid-week brought us the new UK trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Then before the weekend arrived, another Captain America: The First Avenger trailer popped up.

I’ve been quite curious about this movie since the teasers were released. This and  X-Men: First Class were the two Superhero movies out this summer that I ACTUALLY wanted to see. First Class turned out pretty well…Here’s hoping this flick will be up to snuff?

I’m hoping the “Scrawny Steve” effects will work out better because in some shots it looks fantastic, in others…just kinda looks like a floating head…like Green Lantern. (Or so I’ve heard anyway. Not planning on seeing that anytime soon.) Well, at least in this movie, there’s a legit reason a floating head appears. There was absolutely no need to CG the Green Bacon suit onto Ryan Reynolds.

As for the trailer itself, aside from giving the game away, I’m not too fond of the rock music they’ve pumped in. Perhaps the needed to up the douche factor so they attract all the “normies” to line up opening day??

The Footlose and Planet of the Apes trailers saved me $26 total. I think I’ll use that stash to go give Cap a visit when it opens in July. Yes, yes, I know the trailer gives away the game, but I wanna see Chris Evans, alright? Is that so wrong??

You're telling me you wouldn't want to see this?


Hearting Professor X

24 06 2011

I think I’m in love with Professor X.

No, not the comic guy. No, not the movie version, although Sir Patrick Stewart make a foxy bald man.

I’m talking James McAvoy.

I’ve not really seen him in much, but from what I’ve seen, I quite like. (Yes, even the fairly pedo-creepy Mr. Tumnus from Narnia.)

I just watched him on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show and he came off as a very funny, quick witted and extremely likeable fellow. He feels like someone you can sit down and have a fun time with. I know I wouldn’t be so forward if I was sitting beside Liza Minnelli. Well, I wouldn’t sit beside her in the first place. But there we are.

If I had a list of (to swipe this from my friend) “Top 10 Future Husbands” he’d definitely be on the list.

Hit the jump for the episode in question. Read the rest of this entry »