How very odd….so that’s what preggo-women feels like…..

24 04 2009

SO. I had my first ultrasound EVER today. They’re trying to see if there are fatty deposits on my liver that may have hardened. I’m hoping I’ll be in the clear, but from the way things are headed. There’s a pretty slim chance of that happening…..I have yet to tell my parents…..

It was a bit strange. For some reason, I never equated MY ultrasound with preggo-ultrasounds….Imagine my surprise when I looked it up on Wiki. lol

The appointment was at 9:30 in the AM so I figured, instead of waking up way early then sitting through traffic, I’ll just stay over at the folks and get a 5 min drive to the hospital instead.

I didn’t tell my parents that I’m getting this done because, mainly, I didn’t want to be nagged about how my health is going to the shits becuase I didn’t listen to them, and all that jazz….I just told them that I have a doctor’s appointment. Thing is, he doesn’t open his clinic until 10 on a weekday….as my mom pointed out. I pretty much shrugged to every question they asked. I felt like I was in high school all over again. hahaha

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That 70’s Show…..

17 04 2009

I think THAT 70’S SHOW has got to be my favourite American sitcom.

I know the writing blows a bit later in the series when it gets into FRIENDS territory…ie: he’s dating her, then they break-up, then they make-up, then they swap partners, etc.

But I notice that I don’t really mind. I’m on my second/third run through the series and I still find them really enjoyable. I think it’s because the characters are fairly well written and the actors playing the parts do a superb job.

So what if they do boring relationship junk? There’s enough laughs to make up for the poor plottings.

Although as I write this, I think I’ve actually written about it a year or so ago. lol

I’m going to go check now. hahaha

Jonny Quest Movie

14 04 2009

So….Zac Effron…..Jonny Quest.


You KNOW they’re trying to get Dev Patel to play Hadji. lol

I’d like to see them try to make that NOT racist. haha


14 04 2009

I gotta say I was really surprised at how this whole pirate/hostage thing has turned out.

I expected the US Navy/Army, what have you, to have just taken out the Captain themselves and say, “Well, the pirates killed the captain so we were able to take action and kill the rest of the fuckers.” (Not in those exact words, of course. All though it WOULD be fun to hear that.)

You can totally see all the book, movie and TV movie of the week deal in the works already. And the fact that the rescue didn’t take place until Easter Sunday makes it all the more marketable.

I just pictured all these suits telling the military to hold out for another day before they do something. lol

Wonder if there’ll be a pirate backlash? Maybe PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 4 won’t get released as originally planned so they can wait for all the pirate hate to die down.

Well, I guess something good DID come out of this whole kerfuffle.

I’m jonesing for the past, it seems.

13 04 2009

I had quite an odd dream this morning.

Irene and I were browsing in a Zellers because I felt compelled to purchase a copy of New Kids on the Block’s HANGIN’ TOUGH (for some reason)…but there was much reconsidering because strangers were mocking me for my choice of music….and because of the price. I refused to pay $14.99 for a NEW KIDS album. Irene somehow found a copy in the racks for $9.99. THAT I was fine with. haha

The mocking I got was kinda akin to high school teasing…but from regular Zellers shoppers. lol

And of course, being me. I caved. Even in a dream.

I hid my selected item and moved on to the next thing on my list. PAUL ABDUL.

That’s when I woke up….but not in a cold sweat as most people might.

I’m totally gonna be one of those old people who are all about how the past was so much better. lol

I think this might’ve been brought on by Irene and I trying to sing Cold Hearted Snake Friday night.

A very special episode……

8 04 2009

Here I sit, with an old ep of FRESH PRINCE running on tv….and I wonder….do sitcoms do ‘Very Special Episodes’ anymore?

Will & Carlton gets a gun pulled on them at an ATM and Fresh Prince done get shot and sent to hospital. Carlton gets a gun.

Or this one episode of FAMILY TIES where Mallory gets groped by her dad’s coworker….

Plus every other episode of BLOSSOM. lol

And let’s not forget….SAVED BY THE BELL…my FAVOURITE example of a ‘VSE’… never fails to bring a chuckle whenever I see it….

Are there any contemporary sitcoms that still do stuff like these nowadays?

TONIGHT: A very special episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER….Neil Patrick Harris’ character gets several STDs

(I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know his character’s name. lol)

I wish……

2 04 2009

I wish i had a tablet PC…..

I’ve tried doing Photoshop work with a tablet…but for some reason it never quite connects.

I can’t seem to make the connection that what I’m doing on the tablet is the same as what I’m doing on the screen.

I’ve given tablet screens a go before and I felt a lot more at ease. It’s about as close to drawing on paper as a computer can get.

But alas, those things cost a perty dollar and I can’t really afford to have one….%#&(#%*&*(%#&*%#